1. Application Fee: HK$1,000.-
    A non-refundable application fee of HK$1000 must accompany all applications. Students who leave KIS and wish to return at any point in the future must submit a new application and application fee.

  2. Assessment Fee: HK$1,000.-
    A non-refundable assessment fee for HK$1,000 is required for new students. It is applicable for the first sibling only. For families with additional children, there will be no additional charge.

  3. Tuition Fee :

    Payment Terms Reception Class Primary Secondary
    1st (Sep - Dec) HK$ 30,960.00 HK$ 39,160.00 HK$ 43,600.00
    2nd (Jan - Mar) HK$ 23,220.00 HK$ 29,370.00 HK$ 32,700.00
    3rd (Apr - Jun) HK$ 23,220.00 HK$ 29,370.00 HK$ 32,700.00
    Per Annum HK$ 77,400.00 HK$ 97,900.00 HK$109,000.00

  4. Deposit :

    Reception Primary Secondary
    Deposit HK$ 7,740.00 HK$ 9,790.00 HK$ 10,900.00

    • The deposit will be collected when the student is admitted.
    • We will refund your deposit two month after receiving written notice of your child’s withdrawal from our school. Parents should take careful note that April 30, 4:30 pm is the absolute deadline for applications from students leaving KIS to get the deposit refunded.
    • Your deposit is non-refundable if your child never attends the school. In case the child is going to withdraw from the school, two complete months’ notice in advance is required. Notices given after the first day of a month will be considered as notices for the following full month with no pro-rata refund.
    • KIS encourages parents to pay school fees by auto payment system. Otherwise please pay school fees by cheque made payable to “Korean International School”.

  5. If you have any queries, please phone Mrs. Hong at 2569-5500 or email at