Mandarin Programme

The Korean International school provides students, who may be non-Mandarin speakers or Mandarin speakers, with opportunities to learn Mandarin at their appropriate levels. Mandarin teaching across all key stages in the school, includes two major areas: teaching Mandarin as a Foreign Language (MNF) and teaching Mandarin as a First Language (MNN). Each key stage has different programmes specially designed to accommodate an increasing cognitive level in between the age groups. To facilitate student's wider usage in the future, the simplified Chinese characters are taught at our school.

All students from Reception to Year 12 are streamed into appropriate groups and levels according to their former Mandarin learning background or baseline tests. In Reception and Primary, Mandarin lessons are conducted generally 4 45-minute periods per week. Mandarin courses in Secondary are designed in conjunction with our Primary programmes but with also an independent function of a systematic course which can further prepare students for exam course studies. In Year 11, both IGCSE Foreign Language and First Language exam courses are provided for students at the foundation level. At AS level, Year 12 students will be advised to take appropriate courses in Mandarin according to their options, backgrounds, teacher recommendations and the school provision.

Teaching Materials

Teaching materials both for MNF and MNN are carefully selected for each grades, to ensure they are age appropriate, adapted to the international environment and to meet the various requirements from pupils of different learning backgrounds. The following texts sample the Mandarin materials used at different levels of teaching:
  • My First Chinese Word
  • Chinese Made Easy
  • Discovering Chinese
  • New Chinese Language for Primary Schools
  • New Chinese Language for Secondary Schools
  • In-house developed and selected materials tailored for exam courses
In addition to the main texts, there are selected series of reading books and materials and online learning tools available to assist and extend students’ reading experiences in all courses.

Teaching Methodology

The Mandarin Department conducts Mandarin teaching in a dynamic way, under an immersion philosophy of Chinese language and culture in and outside the school environment. A variety of curriculum-based activities are adopted in the Mandarin class to ensure Mandarin is delivered not only in a pupil-friendly way but also through a rather serious systematic and consistent curriculum.

  • New pupils are evaluated on arrival at the school before being placed into levels. Individual needs and differentiation are carefully taken into consideration in placement. Existing pupils flow to the next level.
  • Pupils are assessed regularly in class throughout the year to enhance pupil learning.

Mandarin homework is set in various forms, including oral projects, reading, recital, writing of characters, sentences or paragraphs, preview and revision etc. Depending on groups, the suggested length of homework time varies from maximum 15min everyday to minimum 10min every week.