Springboard Middle at Korean International School

The Springboard Middle Programme provides specialised education for students aged 11-16 with mild to moderate learning disabilities. The children are supported by one teacher and one teaching assistants.

It is the aim of the programme to provide students with individualised programmes developing academic, social and independent skills within a mainstream school setting. The academic programme is based on the school curriculum and is supported by extensive additional resources.

The main focus of Springboard Middle is to help develop independent learning skills and also enhance student’s social and emotional skills. Social integration includes a wide variety of opportunities such as sharing the dining room and playground facilities, taking part in school assemblies, concerts, sports day, play days, camp and excursions.

In addition to the school based programme, each student has access to the Enrichment programme. This involves the students in a wide variety of activities: annual 3 day overnight camp, field trips, as well as an annual overseas 4-6 day trip. The Enrichment programme focuses on life Skills and interpersonal communication skills, which include cooking, ASDAN, Art and individual and group speech therapy.

The teachers believe in working closely with families, secondary caregivers and therapists to ensure a positive learning environment for each student.

Application Procedure

Following initial interest in the programme:
  • Parents are invited to visit the classroom.

  • Parents are introduced to the staff and students and provided with an outline of the programme and the assessment/interview process.

  • Application forms are distributed and parents advised that their child will be interviewed in the year that they are twelve.

  • Once the application has been received the parents are informed of the dates for the interview, which takes place over 2 days.
    Day 1: 8:30am – 1:30pm
    Day 2: 8:30am – 3:00pm

  • Parents are then invited to attend a meeting to discuss the interview and the decision regarding placement.

  • If a place is offered this is confirmed by the Principal of the International Section of the Korean International School and a letter sent to the parents.