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Extra Curricular Activities

The extra-curricular activities are an important extension to the academic programme here at KIS. They provide diverse learning opportunities in a safe and positive atmosphere where students can gain new skills and pursue their interests. The array of activities offered this year has reached a record number and include sports, music, drama, languages and information technology.

The Extra-Curricular Programme:

Secondary ECAs are now held throughout the week. This allows for our students to choose multiple classes, helping to build on their Academic CV.
  • Mandatory for students from Year 7-9 (they must choose at least one option on a day of their choice)
  • If the student takes the school bus, it is recommended they opt for a Wednesday ECA
The ECAs held on Wednesday from 3:05pm – 3:55pm are offered by our own teachers and external companies.
  • Mandatory for students from Year 1 - 6
  • Mandatory for students from Year 7 – 9 (see note above)
  • Optional for students from Year 10 – 13
  • Bus transport is provided.
The ECAs held on Wednesday from 4:00pm – 5:30pm are offered by External Agencies.
  • Optional for students
  • Bus transport is not provided. Students are required to make their own way home.
The ECAs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are optional and are offered to Year 1 – Year 13 students.
  • Classes are held from 3:05pm – 5:30pm
  • Bus transport is not provided. Students are required to make their own way home.
Students can choose as many ECA classes as they desire – as long as they don’t clash!

We have a close relationship with the External Agencies that offer some exciting & dynamic classes available this term. We work together to keep costs minimal.

Paid Internal/External ECAs:
  • Note the ‘Payee’ information for Cheques
  • Cheques will be returned if information is incorrect
  • Student places are not secured until payment has been made.


In the case of a T8 school and ECA’s will be cancelled and not postponed. Any other weather-affected classes will be postponed.
Classes run by EXTERNAL companies: students will be dismissed by the EXTERNAL teacher and this dismissal is entirely their responsibility.
If your class is OFF-SITE, please choose to collect your child from the off-site location.


ECA Coordinators
Korean International School: International Section
Updated: 23rd of January 2017

Internal and External ECA Options and Payment Information

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