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Extra Curricular Activities

The extra-curricular activities are an important extension to the academic programme here at KIS. They provide diverse learning opportunities in a safe and positive atmosphere where students can gain new skills and pursue their interests. The activities offered at KIS include sports, music, drama, languages and information technology. We have tried to make sure that there is something of interest for each and every child at our school.
This Term the Extra Curricular Activities will run from the 19th of September until the 25th of November.

The Extra-Curricular Programme:

Secondary ECAs are now held throughout the week. This allows for our students to choose multiple classes, helping to build on their Academic CV.
  • Mandatory for students from Year 7-9 (they must choose at least one option on a day of their choice)
  • If the student takes the school bus, it is recommended they opt for a Wednesday ECA

The ECAs held on Wednesday from 3:05pm – 3:55pm are predominantly offered by teachers.
  • Mandatory for students from Year 1 - 6
  • Mandatory for students from Year 7 – 9 (see note above)
  • Optional for students from Year 10 – 13
  • Bus transport is provided.

The ECAs held on Wednesday from 4:00pm – 5:30pm are offered by External Agencies.
  • Optional for students
  • Bus transport is not provided. Students are required to make their own way home.

The ECAs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are optional and are offered to Year 1 – Year 13 students.
  • Classes are held from 3:05pm – 5:30pm
  • Bus transport is not provided. Students are required to make their own way home.

Students can choose as many ECA classes as they desire – as long as they don’t clash!

We have a close relationship with the External Agencies that offer some exciting & dynamic classes available this term. We work together to keep costs minimal.

Deadline for Option Forms & Payment = FRIDAY 9th SEPTEMBER, 2016

Paid Internal/External ECAs:
  • Note the ‘Payee’ information for Cheques (Cheques will be returned if information is incorrect – details on letter that was sent home)
  • Student places are not secured until payment has been made.

Updated: 6 September 2016

Internal and External ECA Options and Payment Information

  Lower Primary Options Download
Upper Primary Options Download
Secondary Options Download
External options WHOLE SCHOOL Download
ECA Primary Payee Info Download
ECA Secondary Payee Info Download
Term 1 ECA Dates by Day Download