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The Award for Young People

The AYP, formerly known as The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, is a programme about challenge, enterprise, effort and achievement. It is operated in 140 countries and has more than 30,000 secondary student participants in Hong Kong alone.

The AYP gives young people a chance to constructively use their leisure time, to set and achieve personal goals and to learn about themselves and their community through experiential learning either in a group or individually.

For the academic year of 2013/14, we will be offering the Bronze level (participants must be 14 years or over) to Year 10-13 students. There are 4 key components that participants must complete to achieve the Bronze Award:

Bronze Level Overview

ServiceTo learn how to give useful service to others.Fire fighting, charity work, completing a recognised first aid course.At least 15 hours spread over at least 3 months
SkillsTo encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills.Athletics officiating, film production, playing an instrument, umpiring and refereeing.At least 6 months
ExpeditionTo encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery.Complete pre-expedition training and a 2 day, 1 night hike in Sai Kung. 2 days 1 night
Physical RecreationTo encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement of performance. Football, basketball, badminton, rock climbing, canoeing, track and field events and swimming. 24 points

It is important to note that the programme is intended to be carried out by students independently; however, the leaders of the AYP will provide resources and support when necessary.

Please find more information about the AYP and its structure on this website: or

As this is the first we are running the AYP, we have set a limit of 30 students and this is on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions about enrolling in the programme, please contact Mr Davis or Mr Bell-Scott by email: or