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School Trips

Tuesday, 8th September 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

School trips are an important part of the year at the Korean International School, and often becomes one of the top annual highlights for both Students and Teachers. Our trips are a compulsory part of our curriculum and each trip has been considered in depth as to how the experience will enrich and broaden the minds of our students. We strive to improve not only your child’s academic skills, but to also instill whole person development. We have included a variety of outdoor team building activities encompassing environmental conservation and community service to help students gain independence, self- confidence and a wider perspective regarding the world around them.

The School does not make a profit on any of its trips, and we work hard to develop programs that offer strong experiential learning opportunities as well as offering value for money for Parents. As in previous years, if there is any remaining financial surplus left over at the end of the trip, it will be divided up and returned back to the parents by cheque.

This year the trips are held during November for both the Primary and Secondary section, therefore we need to move quickly to ensure that your child can be enrolled and registered well ahead of time.

Our Primary trips are organised in conjunction with Dragonfly, a local outdoor education company in which the school has had a long and successful association with. They have an excellent safety record and you can learn more information about them via their website here:

For all of our external overseas trips in the Secondary School we partner with educational travel and tour companies that have a proven track record in delivering: challenging, fun, effective and most importantly safe outdoor programmes for our students. You can learn more about these providers online via the company websites listed on the Student Preference Form which your child will bring home.

Please ensure that you read carefully the School refund / cancellation policy below. It is important that we meet the deadlines for collection of the deposits and full payment amounts. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions in regards to the trips offered at the Korean International School this year.


Mr. Warren Baumberg
Trips Coordinator

Korean International School Trips Refund / Cancellation Policy
  • The cost of our school trips is estimated based on all of the fixed costs known at the time of booking. These may include: Activity costs, transport costs, accommodation costs, insurance costs, equipment hire etc.

  • Because we work in partner ship with third party providers, the costs must be paid up front, prior to the excursion. Therefore any late cancellations or withdrawals from students can have a negative financial impact on the entire group.

  • The Korean International School does not make any profit on these trips, and any extra surplus is returned to parents [as in the case for the secondary school last year] therefore No refund will be given for students that are unable to participate on a field trip once costs have been established, fixed and final deposits paid by the Korean International School to the service provider.

  • In the event that a student is no longer able to attend a school field trip for any reason, parents are required to contact the school as soon as possible.

  • The Korean International School reserves the right of final decision in any dispute, disagreement or student cancellation of school trip after the set deadline for deposit.

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