Life at IS

School Trips 2013-2014

22 August, 2013
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Korean International School not only strives to improve your child’s academic skills but to also instill whole person development. To this, our annual trips are a compulsory part of our curriculum. Each trip has been considered in depth as to how the experience will enrich and broaden the minds of our students. We have included a variety of outdoor team building activities encompassing environmental, conservation and community service to help students gain independence, self- confidence and a wider perspective regarding the world around them.

The trips are held during October (Primary) and November (Secondary) so we need to move quickly to ensure that your child is be able to go on the trip of their choice.

Secondary students will be given a presentation on the different trips early next week and invited to ask questions and think about which trip would be most suitable for them. It will be an opportunity for them to hear from staff and students about the different experiences they can expect to encounter.

During the Meet the Parent Evening on Thursday 5th September, there will be a short presentation about the different trip options, and an opportunity for parents to meet with the trip leaders and ask any questions. It is important that we meet the deadlines for collection of the deposits and full payment amounts, particularly for the trips that involve booking international flights and long distance trains, as they can fill up very quickly.


Mr. Warren Baumberg
(Trip Coordinator)