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IPTA Committee

Members of the IPTA Committee in the school year 2016-2017

Chairperson: Esther Buls-van der Cruijsen, mother to Lieke Y7PL, Sven 4D and Sanne RL
Co-Vice Chairperson: Emona Roy, mother to Kenisha 2J
Co-Vice Chairperson: Catherine Bentote, mother to Imogen 4V and Ethan Y1Y
Secretary: Stephanie Robinson, mother to Conor 4V,
Vivian Tam, mother to Hannah Yu, Y8
Treasurer: Birgit Larsen-Smith, mother to Thea, Y7JG
Class Rep Co-ordinators: Winnie Hsu, mother of Erin 3Y
Heesuk Kim mother of Olivia 3Y & Aiden 5GK
General member: Shirley Tong, mother of Emma Y7JG
Swati Kinheker, mother of Pratyay 4V, Pranjal 6L
Steve, father of Fabia Wang Y10VS
Project Members: Julianna Song, mother of Nathan 4V
Ralph/Alison Grant, parents of James 6C
Khosa Shivani, mother of Tanush RY
Miki Ikuta, mother of Hirotaka 4V & Kaho RY
Jan Manigque, Aliza RY !
Box of Hope Co-ordinator: Marissa Reyes, mother of Santiago, Y7JG

Representatives from the school in the IPTA Committee:
  • Principal – Mr. C. Chadwick

  • Teacher coordinator – Mrs. G. Khoo