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School Trips 2013-2014


September 10, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The planning for our Secondary School trips is well underway, and all of our students seem to be excited and looking forward to experiencing all of the great activities planned! The trips will take place during the week of 11th -15th November. In preparation for the trips there are a few important things to take note.

Trip Costs:
Trip DestinationTotal Cost
1. Local    [Hong Kong]$3400    [Full]
2. Yangshuo    [China]$7200     [$4000 Deposit]
3. Langkawi    [Malaysia]$13000     [$4000 Deposit]
4. New Zealand $27000     [$4000 Deposit]

Due date for the full payment of trips is on September 16, 2013.

Please pay at the General Office and make the cheque payable to: Korean International School. Please write your child/children’s Full name and their Year group on the back of the cheque.

The overleaf document is the instructions for registering your child’s personal/medical information online. This is only applicable for the trips in conjunction with Dragonfly [Trips #1-3]

Deadline for registration is also due on September 16, 2013. However the sooner you can complete this the better!

If you need help trouble-shooting this process, you can directly e-mail dragonfly at or call them at (852) 2111-8917

We will be sending home a full itinerary and packing list in the coming week to ensure that you have enough time to get all of the required equipment needed.

We look forward to providing your children with another valuable outdoor experience this year! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


Mr. Warren Baumberg ( )
Trips Coordinator

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Dragonfly Outdoors now has online registration to make enrolling onto one of our programs even easier. You can either do this by visiting our website and following the links or just by clicking on the link below:

The process involves the following three steps.

Step 1 Program and Participant
  1. Select a Course- Click on course code:

    1. Local [HK]: KH-00-HK-1311
    2. Yangshuo [China]: KH-03-CY-1311
    3. Langkawi [Malaysia]: KH-02-ML-1311
    4. New Zealand: N/A

  2. Participant Information- Please fill-in every section to complete registration.
Step 2 Medical Information
  1. At Dragonfly our participant’s safety is our number one priority. In order to help us provide the best possible care for participants during our program we deeply appreciate you filling in this section as completely and accurately as you can, making sure you respond either yes or no to every question, where appropriate.

  2. Any additional explanatory information you can provide regarding medical issues will enable our staff to be better prepared for the program.

  3. All information is confidential
Step 3 Indemnity Agreement
  1. Please read our indemnity agreement thoroughly before checking the box at the bottom to confirm your agreement and to finish the registration process.

* At the end of registration a notice will appear confirming registration. If this does not occur, please review your registration form making sure each section has been filled in.

Many thanks and kind regards,
The Dragonfly Team.

Trip Itinerary 1
[HK Trip 2013]
Trip Itinerary 2
[Yangshuo 2013]
Trip Itinerary 3
[Malaysia Science Trip 2013]
Trip Itinerary 4
[New Zealand Trip 2013]