Letter To Parents

20th February 2017

Letter to Parents: February and March

What: Everything you wanted to know about our Secondary Section, but were afraid to ask!
Not any more… Please ask away …. We will invite you to an information evening for all Primary parents to hear about, learn about and understand life in our own Secondary Section.
This is your chance to ask questions of senior staff, subject teachers, Form tutors and students themselves.
Let us hear your concerns or worries about the Secondary Section and we will help provide answers.
To hear from the student’s point of view about what life is like in Secondary for them. To hear about our way forward new ideas, courses and plans for the section from the Head of School, and our University counsellor.
When:  Day: Thursday
Date: March 2nd
Time: 6:15 pm
Where: Gymnasium
Who: All Primary Parents. Please feel free to bring you Y4/5/6 student to hear the messages.
Why: Everything you wanted to know about our Secondary Section.

Calendar of events
13th there is No Professional development day…. it’s a full school day
16th is Sports day
20th ECA‘s start buses @ 4.00 for Wednesdays
24th EARTH DAY /Greening action dress up day
24th Y1 Assembly
27th Mock exams start for Y1-Y13 until March 10th
28th Pancake day/shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday/MARDI GRAS

2nd Primary parents secondary information evening
11th International school Fair
13-17th Art week [details to follow]
20th Parent Teacher Conferences [school closure]
23rd Senior students dance [Y7-13]
24th full day of school
27TH-31ST Math week
31st Y4 assembly
Easter holiday

PLEASE NOTE THE Professional development day will now be on May 2nd

Medical health
Further to our Chickenpox Note to Parent or Guardian, we would like to inform you of the fact that we have a few students on sick leave diagnosed with Chickenpox.
• The common symptoms include low-grade fever and skin rash (itchy vesicles).
• It is very contagious in the early stage of rash eruption.
• A void sharing eating and drinking utensils as well as personal items e.g. Handkerchief.

If you suspect that your child has Chickenpox, please consult the doctor for confirmation of diagnosis.
The sick child/children should refrain from school and to return to school as per doctor’s advice.
Please closely monitor other children in the family.
Always Keep Hands Clean.

Summer school
We are looking to hold 2 x summer school during the summer vacation, 3rd -28 July.
We are looking at one in the morning and then late in the afternoon. More details to follow.

Sports day
See you on Thursday

20th February 2017

Sports day news

Dear Parents,

Sports Day for the whole school was a wonderful day on Thursday.
The weather was fabulous and the children had a fun time with opportunities to compete in competitive ways. This year the points the children scored are being tallied and will be used to determine the winning Houses for each year group and the overall Sports Day House winner. We look forward to announcing the results soon.

Special thanks to Mr Davies and Mr Ackerman and Mr Lin for their excellent organisation, to all our teachers and TAs for running the activities and supervising the children and to the site staff for all their work pre and post event.

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

6th February 2017

University Guidance

KIS University Counsellor Ms Brown helps our students to consider their further education options and assist with their application process. Ms Brown as the Counsellor has built up strong relationships with Universities around the globe and is in an excellent position to explain the different options available.

In individual meetings with students, Ms Brown offers guidance on deciding areas of interest, broad destinations, the final university list and on the application process itself, which varies by country and institution.

Choosing which course to pursue or what option to follow post-secondary is not always straightforward for students. Our advice for students, particularly for Year 11 when choosing their ‘A’ Level subjects and Year 12 when choosing what to do after secondary school, is to do their research early so that they are in the best possible position to meet deadlines and move forward having made their choices.

To help our students in their decision-making process, a series of presentations are made by the representatives of universities from various countries. Most of these happen between September and February (check here), and the aim of the presentations is to give students insights into the nature of study in specific institutions and, more generally, in different countries.

All students are expected to research their chosen universities in detail during the summer of their Year 12, if not before. Students follow internal deadlines in order to ensure all aspects of their applications are finalized and official deadlines are met.

For University guidance Ms Brown has produced detailed resources which can be accessed through their dedicated website link. The website contains destination-specific advice, application procedures, deadlines and details of events both at KIS and in Hong Kong for universities.

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

6th February 2017

Hong Kong Forest Adventures

Hong Kong Forest Adventures
This is the company that I was telling you about this afternoon

They have put together an overview of their programs tailored to schools who may be interested in visiting. The link for that is here:

And lastly their Facebook page, which has been there most active means of communicating is this:

If you would like to get hold of them you can on their email:

The business managers name is Charlene Ng, and the Founders name is Danie Strydom

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

27th January 2017

Parent newsletter

CNY Assembly

Y5 Chinese new year assembly
Congratulations and thank you Ms. Khoo and Ms. Kjestrup.
The assembly whose main purpose was to inform us about the meaning of Chinese new year certainly succeeded. Everybody enjoyed the assembly and more importantly every student did. The smiles on their faces and the depth and quality of their narration, acting and singing was amazing. Congratulations!

Reception Testing

We are currently in the middle of our RC admissions process. I have been meeting lots of parents who hope to join the school.
This is a time consuming but worthwhile process and always a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on how lucky we are with our facilities, resources and community as I see the school afresh through their eyes; to a wonderful second term!

Results – Awards –IGCSE / A Level

We have received some amazing news from Cambridge yesterday! Every year Cambridge awards students that achieve the highest marks in a subject in their city, country or world. This year we have 3 students that have received awards for the highest exam mark in Hong Kong.

Highest mark in Hong Kong for High Achievement in IGCSE Foreign Language Malay – Arina Syahirah Raizal Azhar

Highest mark in Hong Kong for High Achievement in AS Level Biology – Jessica Hunter

Highest mark in Hong Kong for High Achievement in AS Level English Language – Jessica Hunter

Highest mark in Hong Kong for High Achievement in AS Level Mathematics – Sammi Tam

Highest mark in Hong Kong for High Achievement in AS Level Psychology – Sammi Tam

We are so proud of these students for their hard work and dedication to their studies.

We would also like to give a big thanks to all their Secondary teachers bus especially their subject teachers,, Ms. Lau (Bio), Ms. Srivastava (Eng), Me. De Pauw (Psych) and Mr. Cardinal (Maths).

Thank you for imparting your knowledge and supporting your students! This year is the second year in a row that Yvan has had a top scorerI

other excellent results to mention:

Cambridge AS & A Level, Chinese Language :
 KUNG Yin Lam Muriel A
 CHAN Cheuk San JasonA
 YU Cheuk Sze Jessie A
  TANG Wing Hong Marco A

ECA information letter went to the parents via email on 24 January.

Behaviour ;
Mr. Chadwick, the staff and students are collaborating on a new behavior policy to create a Code of Conduct for all groups of students.

Candy and Snack Policy in Primary / Card Games
( Pokemon/Football)
The staff agreed that all card games (Pokemon, Match Attack, etc) should be banned in classrooms and the school as it encouraged trading, gambling and theft and the students tend to invest a lot of time and money accumulating the cards. Please note from 6 February, we will ban them.

The Primary school would move towards banning lollipops,candies and sugary drinks in school. Teachers have agreed to exercise their discretion whether cakes and cookies would be allowed for class celebrations/birthday. This will also be discussed with the PTA.

Student Teacher

Ms. Liu, Student Teacher of 5KK
I am writing to inform you that Ms. Liu will be a trainee/student teacher’working with 5KK during the second part of this term; she is following a PGCE course from the University of Sunderland she has already completed her first practicum. Ms Liu must follow; the planning on the school’s schemes of work ; curriculum planning / objectives and activities in cooperation with the class teacher. She must also complete any other work with the class teacher who will be present all the time too. Ms Kjestrup will be not only remain the class teacher but will be her guide, mentor and will monitor her planning and progress by providing feedback and support. The aim is to make her work with the minimum of interruption: as she will integrate with the students slowly and carefully for the first few weeks.

The Year of the Rooster;Happy new year
Dear Parents, 你们好,新年好!
The Year of the Rooster is fast approaching. The Lunar New Year will begin on Saturday, the 28th of January this year. The rooster is the 10th sign in the Chinese zodiac. It is generally aligned with loyalty, a sociable and friendly nature and with a punctuality that is bound to impress.

The staff and I wish you Happy Holidays
Kung Hei Fai Choi!

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

26th January 2017

Sport Day

Dear Parents and Care Givers,

Our Annual Sports Day will be held at Siu Sai Wan Sports Stadium on Thursday, 16th February, 2017. Parents are most welcome to attend. Parking at the stadium is very limited but there are car parks close by.

All students will be attending and participating. Secondary students will be expected to make their own way to the stadium and should arrive no later than 08.50. This was a policy adopted last year in the belief that our secondary students should be given more personal responsibility. It is a practice in line with many other international schools. Registers will be taken by Form Tutors. This is an official school day. Students will be dismissed from the stadium at the end of the competition. This may be earlier than advertised.

Primary students should come to school as normal. Buses will take the Primary students to the stadium. For Years 2 – 6 the buses will depart at 08.45. Reception and Year 1 classes will travel to the stadium at 12.10. This is a schedule change from previous years. It was felt a full day for our very young children was overwhelming. All Primary students will be returned to school at 14.50. For parents of Primary students there will be a limited number of seats available on the buses which will transport the children to the stadium.

Please ensure your child has sufficient water and some healthy snacks. There is a small shop at the stadium but the choice is quite limited. The PTA is once again kindly providing healthy and very tasty fruit snacks for all competitors. Those primary students who have ordered lunches from the canteen may pick up a packed lunch on Wednesday morning. Those secondary students who have ordered lunches will have a packed lunch delivered to the stadium on the primary buses.

It is advisable, at this time of year, students prepare for the weather by bringing the appropriate clothing. All students are expected to wear house colours, sports shorts or track suit bottoms. Sports footwear is essential. It might be cold so it is recommended that warm clothing is worn while not competing. It might be warm and sunny. Wear sun screen.

As always students are also reminded to take care of all their belongings and to leave valuable items at home. Students should not bring large sums of money as there are no locker facilities available at the stadium.

This event is one of the highlights of the school year. We look forward to a great day of sporting fun and competition.


Mark Davies
Coordinator of Physical Education
Korean International School
International Section

24th January 2017

January Update - Information for Parents

Dear Parents.

Calendar January;
10th The Immunization Team from the Department of Health came to school and gave jabs/ vaccines against Mumps, Measles and Rubella.
The class visits to the dentist went ahead as planned.
Jan 19th the Awful Egyptians Y3/4 trip was a great success
26th Year 5 CNY assembly all parents welcome and it’s a CNY Dress up day [red/gold/traditional]
26th is not a half day for Parent Teacher Conferences this is postponed; it is a normal full school day finishing at 3.00pm
27th is still a half day with a 12.00pm finish

CNY assembly and dress up day [red/gold/traditional] to celebrate Chinese New Year, we would like to encourage students to donate any of their unused clothes (accessories like scarves/hats are also welcome) to KIS, or clothes that may no longer fit. We will then pass it on to Salvation Army near our school. This is in keeping in line with the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ Chinese tradition in welcoming in a New Year.Please help your children collect a maximum of five pieces of clothing to donate to the school. They should be in reasonable condition and washed. Do feel free to bring them in from Monday 23rd until Thursday 26th. Thank you in advance.
Charity committee – International Section(Courteney, Julia & Kitty)

Reference letters and testimonials
All requests for reference letters, testimonials and confidential student assessment reports for /from other schools must now be submitted in writing to the principal, Mr. Christopher Chadwick. He will then extend an invitation to meet with you and possibly include the class teacher too. The purpose of this initial meeting is for you to explain your thoughts for the future, how we can help assist you and for us to guide you in the process. We will then advise you on the school package that we now offer. The school package; we have introduced this measure because parents often request references and testimonials for between 3-5 schools each one being different in format and style. Teachers are busy people and this takes their time as they want to write a comprehensive and accurate letter for you. Teachers also need a window of time to write such references/testimonials of which most are completed after school, so we will introduce a fee which will be charged to compensate the teacher for the amount of time spent working for you. Where possible a time allowance of at least a 2-3 week to give sufficient time for processing the request and collating evidence is advisable. The package is designed to assist you and for us to guide you but it takes time to do so.
This package does not apply to parents of students in Y12/13 ;the many references we write for all these students for different University applications is free as it always has been.

Payment for transcripts: Notice of Change
We are in the process of reviewing the costing of producing student transcripts on demand. At the moment we charge 10HKD per each service. We now believe this is uneconomical and does not reflect the amount of work taken to provide these certificates. We are looking at raising the price to 50HKD from February 6th 2017.

In today’s assembly we had a lively and very interesting talk from the Hong Kong snake man!!! He showed students lots of photographs of all the different of types of snakes found in Hong Kong.
Have a great week

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

20th January 2017

Operation Santa Claus

KIS again participated in ‘Operation Santa Claus’ this year. Its main aim is to support the Hong Kong community, but goes beyond this too.
Through Santa Fun Day and other charity drives at KIS, we raised $22 428.50!!!!

Santa Fun Day was a huge success with Secondary students creating fantastic games for the Primary students. We also had pancakes for breakfast and Primary had some fun photos with Santa.

A HUGE thank you to all parents, students and teachers for their donations and support for Operation Santa Claus 2016.

6th January 2017

Parents welcome back message

The gifts have been exchanged. The mince-pies and cookies have been eaten. The decorations have been taken down (well mostly). Dads and mums are back at work. Life is slowly returning to normal. For me internally I was groaning, “Does Christmas really have to be over?” I was enjoying my time with my family; having all my three children[my eldest just over from University] together for the first time in two years; spending time with my granddaughter and watching her experience the joys of Christmas Day, socializing, shopping and going to the theatre, staying up late and sleeping in. I was not ready to get back into school ‘mode’... but I knew I had to. I knew I had to get back into school and reconnect with my other family... my KIS family. So I came in on Monday to slowly easy my way in.

So…on behalf of my teachers, I welcome everyone back from their Christmas holiday/winter break and festivities. We trust you are all rested, relaxed and ready for the year ahead. We also wish to extend a warm welcome to our new families who are coming to our school for the first time; there are 12 new families joining us and we hope you all settle into KIS quickly and easily and that you will be very happy with us.

The teachers and I hope that each of you spent some time with your family, friends and relatives and that you enjoyed much laughter, but also took a moment to reflect on the things that are most important to you.

As we get back to our business at hand, we remember that the development of the children at KIS is our first priority. In the words of the famous educationalist Maria Montessori…“The adult must recognize that he and she must take second place, endeavor all they can to understand the child, and to support and help him in the development of his life. This should be the aim of mother, father, teacher…”. We strive to ensure that the children are at the center of everything we do. In fact, at ‘back to school time’ some children may feel;
  • stressed or anxious
  • excited about seeing friends again
  • sad or upset that holidays are now over
  • concerned about being new into school
And over whelmed by their work load and keeping up with their school exams [ Y7-Y10]

Children of all ages have different experiences of going back to school after a holiday, and parents and teachers should try to tune in to work out how their children are coping, what they are feeling and how we can help settle them back into a steady routine. It was interesting for me as I observed the students return to school over on the first few days; I saw tired faces from jet lag, anxious new faces, saw smiles and excited faces and heard squeals of delight as old friends met up and shared stories; the usual.

For the Y7-10 they came back to school and go straight into exams and to be honest not many squeals of delight were heard but they have knuckled down to their tasks aided by their teachers to do their test papers.

I should just mention some diary/calendar updates;

10th The Immunization Team from the Department of Health will come to our school in the morning of January 10th and will give jabs/ vaccines against Mumps, Measles and Rubella. This is a free, routine immunization scheme for children in Hong Kong. Kindly remind your students to wear loose sleeve clothes on that day for easier exposure of upper arms.
26th is not a half day for Parent Teacher Conferences this is postponed; it is a normal full school day finishing at 3.00pm
26th Year 5 CNY assembly [all parents welcome] and CNY Dress up day
27th is still a half day with a 12.00pm finish

13th is not a school closure for Professional development; it is a normal, full school day finishing at 3.00pm
16th Sports day [details to follow]
20th ECA‘s start… buses @ 4.00 for Wednesdays
27th Mock exams start for Y11-Y13 until March 10th
In FEBRUARY we aim to have a Secondary information/ fact finding meeting for all Primary parents, to learn more about our Secondary programme and our Cambridge exam systems.

20th Parent Teacher Conferences …is a school closure day
23rd Senior students dance [evening]
24th is a normal full school day finishing at 3.00pm

PLEASE NOTE; for your diary
The Staff Professional development day will now be on May 2nd for all Primary Classes: the dates for all of the Kids fest shows have been confirmed.
Please make a note for your diary
Y3, Y4- Thurs, Jan 19th (Awful Egyptians)
Y5, Y6, SBM - Tues, Feb 7th (Why the Whales Came)
Y1, Y2, SBP - Thurs, May 11th (Blast Off)
Reception - Wed, May 31st (Tiger Who Came to Tea)
Thanks Ms. Feg

In the coming days, weeks and months, we must all continue to assist the children on their path of learning and discovery. We should re-establish; good routines, habits and order within their lives. This will ensure that the child understands that we are paying close attention to their needs and are not distracted by the demands of our social and professional lives. This is the basis for establishing a set of expectations for our children and ultimately it helps them feel safe and secure.

Happy New Year to you all
and Thank you
C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

5th January 2017

Science Alive 2017

Hello Parents,

This year’s HK SciFest will run from Feb 18 – Apr 23 with Science Alive 2017 from Mar 4 – 17 at the Hong Kong Science Museum. Attached is the PDF file of the Science Alive 2017 brochure which lists all the lectures and workshops offered. All events are free-of-charge. Please take a look and sign your student up to attend these activities.

Please try to register on Jan 10th and seats are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

P. Lau
7PL Form Teacher, Secondary Science – International Section

Science Alive 2017 brochure

3rd January 2017

School Dental Care Appointments

Dear Parents,

Please be reminded that starting from next Monday, our primary students will go out to Dental Clinic in Wan Chai by chartered bus accordingly for their dental care appointments.

On the appointment day students need to bring along their own tooth brush as well as the Student Hand Book (those who had joined this service before should have the hand book at home).

Thanks a lot,

School Nurse

3rd January 2017

Signing Ceremony between SUNY Korea & KIS HK

A Memorandum of Agreement between The State University of New York in Korea (SUNY-Korea) and the Korean International School in Hong Kong (KIS HK) was signed today by Mr Choon Ho KIM, President of SUNY Korea and Mr Woon Young KIM, Supervisor, KIS HK.

The Memorandum of Agreement aims to develop and execute an international, academic collaboration program to cultivate global leaders of the next generation.

A ceremony was held on 15 Dec 2016 with the presence of representatives of both the organizations. In the photo (from left to right) Mr Yeoman YOON, Ms Margaret CHANG, Mr Keumhyun JUNG, Mr ChoonHo KIM, Mr Christopher CHADWICK and Mr Woon Young KIM.

15th December 2016

Reference letters and testimonials

All requests for reference letters, testimonials and confidential student assessment reports for /from other schools must now be submitted in writing to the principal, Mr. Christopher Chadwick. He will then extend an invitation to meet with you and possibly include the class teacher too. The purpose of this initial meeting is for you to explain your thoughts for the future, how we can help assist you and for us to guide you in the process. We will then advise you on the school package that we now offer.

The school package; we have introduced this measure because parents often request references and testimonial for between 3-5 schools each one being different in format and style. Teachers are busy people and this takes their time as they want to write a comprehensive and accurate letter for you. Teachers also need a window of time to write such references/testimonials of which most are completed after school , so we will introduce a fee which will be charged to compensate the teacher for the amount of time spent working for you. Where possible a time allowance of at least a 2-3 week to give sufficient time for processing the request and collating evidence is advisable. The package is designed to assist you and for us to guide you but it takes time to do so. This package does not apply to parents of students in Y12/13; the many references we write for all these students for different University applications is free as it always has been.

7th December 2016

December updates

Dear Parents,

December has arrived and with the arrival of a new month comes the knowledge that we have two weeks until the Christmas / New Year Holiday.

I can hear the sounds of our children practicing their Christmas carols and songs throughout the day as they float on the wind across school. Christmas is definitely coming.

Our last few school days of 2016 are busy, active, exciting and action packed.
We have the Santa Fun Day [we have invited two local schools to join us in the afternoon fun for charity], the Christmas concert rehearsals which are well underway with lines and songs being practiced; class parties being penciled in and plans being made; exams for the older students are being prepared and revision tasks explained; we have staff training going on too .. so busy busy busy.

Please mark the these dates in your diaries.
The Santa Fun day is being organised by our Charity committee with additional help from the PTA, they are coordinating a fun-filled festive celebration. This will take place on Wednesday the 7th so please send your donations in.

The Christmas concert is being organised by Mr. Barnes and Ms. Jorge and their committee with additional help from the PTA, they too are coordinating a fun-filled festive evening for us all. This will take place on Wednesday the 14th so please send your donations in FOR BOTH!

As you saw the PTA will be joining in with both the festivities and will be selling hot chocolate and goodies.

So we are all looking forward to an exciting two weeks.

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

2nd December 2016

Remembrance Day 11th November

In an assembly we learnt about Remembrance Day which is also known as Poppy day.


On Remembrance Day we remember all those who have fought for peace in the past and all those who fight for peace today.
On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 the fighting of the First World War stopped.
Remembrance Day takes place on the second Sunday of November or the Sunday nearest the 11th November.
We are silent at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month each year.

Why is the poppy the symbol of Remembrance Day?

Poppy seeds which had lain dormant for many years in the battlefields in northern France bloomed after the earth was disturbed and became a symbol of new life and loss.
An army surgeon called John McCrae wrote this poem, “In Flanders’ Fields” and today it is read at Remembrance Services around the world. It has become the inspiration for people to wear artificial poppies as a sign of remembrance.

"In Flanders' fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly,
Scarce heard amid the guns below."

- John McCrae 1915

At the end of this segment of the assembly we had discussed that we remember; all those who have fought for peace in the past and all those who fight for peace today

25th November 2016

Santa Fun Day

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It’s getting close to the holiday season and it is time for fun and fundraising to come together here at KIS. Through Santa Fun Day, we will once again support “Operation Santa Claus” by making a contribution to the community and enrich our school life with activities such as, “Pancake Breakfast”, “Photo with Santa” and “Santa Fun & Games”. This year’s Santa Fun Day will take place on Wednesday, December 7th and all students are encouraged to come to school on that day wearing Christmas themed clothing, or wear Red, Green and White.

Please complete the attached slips and return them to your child’s class teacher in an envelope with payment in CASH, on or before Thursday, December 1st.

Tree decoration
Please decorate the attached bauble in any way you like and return it to your class teacher by Thursday, December 1st. You can use markers, stickers, glitter, etc…. Please label your NAME and CLASS clearly, and we will hang it on the K.I.S Christmas tree!

1-Pancake Breakfast
This year we will extend the Pancake Breakfast to include all classes in KIS, including the Primary and Secondary and from the International and Korean sections. Santa Claus will make a visit to each class while the students are eating their pancakes.

2-Photo with Santa
All Primary students can have their photo taken with Santa in the morning at Santa’s fireside!

3-Fun & Games
An afternoon of Fun and Games will be held with booths run by students from the Secondary Section to entertain the Primary students. Students can purchase a Game Card to enjoy many activities such as Hair styling, Elf Football, and Sponge-A-Claus!

Please complete the FORM and return it with your donation as soon as possible.

Many thanks,
Santa Fun Day Committee

Bauble to decorate

24th November 2016

Vigilance against Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

Dear Parents/ Guardians:

A primary student was confirmed yesterday to have contracted Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. Therefore we would like to ask for your vigilance against this disease.

HMFD is a common disease in children caused by enteroviruses such as enterovirus 71(EV71). The EV71infection is of particular concern as it more likely associates with severe outcomes eg. viral meningitis, encephalitis, poliomyelitis-like paralysis and even death. However, the disease is mostly self-limiting and resolves in 1 week.

Please note for any red spots over palms, soles and inside the mouth. Other symptoms of HFMD may include sore throat, malaise, poor appetite and fever. Please check your children’s temperature before sending them back to school.

To prevent outbreak of HFMD, children with fever and respiratory symptoms are strongly advised not to attend school till 48 hours after fever has subsided. Please obtain a doctor’s certificate to prove that your child is fit to return to school.

You and your children are urged to adopt the following measures:
  • Maintain good personal and environmental hygiene
  • To disinfect children’s toys and other objects with diluted household bleach (1 part in 49 parts of water) followed by rinsing with clean water
  • Do not share personal items, food and drinks
  • Keep hands clean and wash hands properly especially when they are dirtied by respiratory secretions e.g. after sneezing
  • Cover nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing and dispose of nasal and mouth discharge properly and put on a surgical mask
  • Have a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, avoid too much stress and passive smoking
  • Ensure good indoor ventilation and avoid crowded public places
  • To consult doctor for medical advice promptly upon development of influenza-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat and cough
For the latest information on HMFD and other communicable diseases, please refer to: Centre for Health Protection www.chp.gov.hk and Education Bureau www.edb.gov.hk

Thank you.

Ms. Nora Young (RN)

22nd November 2016

Revisit of Ms. Jamie Jin; the Senior Manager for Cambridge International Examinations

Dear Parents,

On Monday 7th November Ms Jamie Jin; the Senior Manager for Cambridge International Examinations, for the South China, Hong Kong & Macau region visited KIS. She apologized for the short notice but was nearby in China running a conference.At the start of the academic year I had written to Cambridge asking them to arrange an academic review and /or inspection with them from the Cambridge curriculum and assessment authorities we hoped this was it!

On her arrival Ms Jin stated that UNFORTUNATELY it was not an inspection it was just a curtesy call so Ms Chan and I were a little deflated.

I know you must think I am mad asking them for an off the cuff inspection who does that? Well, I had requested Cambridge visit us because as I was the new Principal I wanted to get a base line view on how we are doing after Ms Thompson’s departure. To answer such questions as; how are we doing with the Cambridge Primary programme[CIPP]; what are our teaching strengths; where do we need to; change/develop. How/What do we need to do to strengthen in our academic ties across the school?

We also asked her about providing more support and to provide more suitable teacher training for our school. We explained that we wanted Cambridge to help our school to develop and grow to move forward especially in our new exciting choices for IGCSE and A level. Which she thought were excellent choices.

Ms Jin was here all Monday afternoon asking and answering questions about KIS. She listened and agreed to help. She told us of new training for teachers including primary teachers; she said she would try to get a ‘Primary consultant’ to visit and advise us; she said she would provide support to develop academic regimen for the checkpoints and progress tests; she agreed to explore inclusion links for Springboard and how we can assimilate the older students into our main stream, even for IGCSE.

Ms Jin was happy she came and said she would use this visit to collect our feedback and work on solutions; she did try to answer all out questions. Watch this space!

Best Regards,

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

18th November 2016

KIS Family day Picnic – Time change to 3:00 pm

Dear Parents,


Please note that because of an event being held at the park during the morning and noon, we have change the start of our gathering at 3:00 p.m.

See you all there!


15th November 2016

23rd November
No Beginner Conversational French ECA on Wednesday

Next week there will be no Beginner Conversational French because Mr Cardinal will be on camp. If you have a child on the list below in Primary, please send them to 408 next Wednesday and they can join my ECA.

8th November 2016

14th November
CPD Day, No school for students on 14th Nov

Dear Parents,

Whilst there will be no students in school on Monday all staff and associated staff will be in learning and working. They will be having a professional day’s training with Mr. Ian Gilbert.
Mr. Gilbert is an Inspirational educator, author and motivational speaker who will be running our CPD day on Monday November the 14th and we are very lucky to have secured his services as he is in great demand with International schools across Asia. Enclosed is the staff’s programme for the day, for you to see:

Here are some of Ian Gilbert's Book titles.
  • The Little Book of Thunks: 260 Questions to Make Your Brain Go Ouch!
  • Why Do I Need a Teacher When I've Got Google?: The Essential Guide to the Big Issues for Every Twenty-First Century Teacher
  • Essential Motivation in the Classroom
  • Little Owl's Book Of Thinking
  • The Book of Thunks: Is Not Going Fishing a Hobby and Other Possibly Impossible Questions to Stretch Your Brain and Annoy Your Friends
  • Independent Thinking
I will be sending out more information about Mr. Gilbert to you very soon.

CPD Training programme Monday 14th November
Title: ‘Thinking ahead’
‘Developing a vision - the next stage in our journey’

Programme for the day
Coffee and intro 8.15 in the canteen
Session 1
Coffee break
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
End of the day

Best Regards,
C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

About Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert is a leading international educational speaker, innovator, entrepreneur, award-winning author and editor and was in IB Magazine's list of top 15 'educational visionaries'. He is currently based in Hong Kong but has worked and lived in the UK, the Middle East and South America. He is the author of best-selling educational books including Essential Motivation in the Classroom, The Little Book of Thunks and the controversial Why Do I Need a Teacher When I've got Google? His vision for education is one in which, above all else (and now more than ever) we give children the skills to think - to think deeply, creatively and for themselves. He is the man behind one of the UK's leading educational organisations, Independent Thinking, which is going strong after over 20 years pushing its message of humane, child-centred and creative education for all.

Here is the kink to his profile on the ITL website - http://www.independentthinking.co.uk/people/associates-d-i/ian-gilbert.aspx

Please see photo attached this was taken by the British council when he was working with educators and young people in Singapore in 2014.

Ian is looking forward to Monday and meeting all the staff.

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

10th November 2016

KIS School Sports - Wall of Fame

Many of our students are achieving sporting success both at school with our teams and out of school either individually or as part of a club.

The KIS School Sports Wall of Fame is a forum where children can share their sporting achievements. Please encourage your child to celebrate their sporting passions and successes with the rest of the KIS Community through this format.

KIS Wall of Fame
WE COULD POST / celebrate the successes of other children at KIS by
Putting up /reading their threads and writing positive comments for them.

8th November 2016

Lost property

Our lost property boxes are starting to over-flow so please ask your child(ren) to come and check there if they have lost their hat/ water bottle etc. Please make sure you name everything that is brought to school.

8th November 2016

Diwali assembly and Charity

Congratulations and thank you to everyone
Thank you to the students, teachers and parents
Thank you Diwali committee for a fantastic assembly and associated events
Thank you to Patti and her team
Thank you the Charity committee – International Section
(Courteney, Julia & Kitty
For making this all possible

Many thanks to everyone for making Diwali such a success! So many great costumes and events to raise money.
We have raised $7382 for the charity LAP.

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

26th October 2016

16th – 18th November
Letter to all parents - Photo taking

Dear Parents,

The annual school photo-taking session have been re-scheduled for 16th, 17th and 18th November 2016.

All students are requested to wear their winter uniform for their class photo and the whole school group photo on the 18th November 2016. Students who have Physical Education lessons planned for the day are to change into their sports uniform at recess or lunch times, after their class and school group photo sessions. Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Every effort has been made to advise all parents of the schedule outlined for the day. However, please be aware that this timetable is a draft only and may change during the day. Staff members have been advised to be ready to move at any time, especially if the photographers are running ahead of schedule.

The order envelopes from Techni Photo has been sent home. Please fill in the order form and enclose a cheque if you wish to order the photographs. The order forms are to be returned to the class teacher before 16th November, 2016. If you haven’t received an envelope, please contact the class teacher via email.

School skorts (knee length) with dry-fit long sleeved polo T-shirt
Black leather shoes with grey tights or grey socks ( Primary) , black tights or black socks ( Secondary)
Hair accessories: School colours- black, navy blue or white ONLY

School grey trousers with dry-fit long sleeved polo T-shirt
Black leather shoes with grey tights or grey socks ( Primary) , black tights or black socks ( Secondary)

Thank you.
C. Chadwick

26th October 2016

31 October - 4 November
Box of Hope

Dear parents and students,

As you know, KIS cares for the needs of Hong Kong and works towards making a change through many charities and social projects. We’re happy to take part in this project once again and wish for all of us to get involved in helping others in need.
*Last year, 21,000 boxes were delivered!!!

Box of Hope is an annual charity project aimed at providing useful and educational gifts to underprivileged children in Hong Kong & Asia, donated by Hong Kong school children and local organisations.

You fill old shoe boxes with NEW interesting and EDUCATIONAL gifts at home and drop them off at school. The boxes are then collected and delivered directly to the children in need. Some of these children have never received a gift.

How To Make Your Box  

Take some time this week to fill your box!

Please deliver your box directly to your teacher/homeroom teacher from
31 October - 4 November

17th October 2016

29 October from 11:00am to 4:00pm
Korean day festival

Dear International Section Parents,

You are invited to
Korean day festival is on Saturday, 29 October from 11:00am to 4:00pm at school site.
This is a Korean family fun day.
You will experience traditional Korean cultural events,
For example, Korean Drum Dance, Fencing with sword,
there will also be many market stalls and booths selling traditional Korean food items, organic vegetables, delicious food to eat, etc.
You and your family can take part in some fun and games throughout the day.

There will also be student performances covering music, dance and singing.
It will be a fun day for all the family.

Do come along.

Mr. Chadwick.

17th October 2016

Community chest

Dear Parents and students

Thank you for supporting our Dress Casual day today.

This was an intiative instigated by the student council for a ‘once a month non-uniform day’ to raise money for a deserving cause.

For their first one they chose to support the Community Chest and I am delighted to announce that we raised HK$$17,121.00 which has already been donated to the Hong Kong Community Chest.

I AM DELIGHTED TO add that our colleagues and friends in the Korean section also joined in with this special day; this total represents an amount from the whole of the student body of KIS. An amazing effort well done everyone.

Our next non-uniform day to raise money for a charity is Hallowe’en on the 28th October; more details to follow.

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

7th October 2016

University Forum

Date: 27th October 2016
Location: Korean International School, 55 Lei King Rd, Sai Wan Ho
Gym -3rd Floor

Event Rundown:
4:00 – 4:20 – Universities to arrive and set up.
4:30 – 4:40 – Principal Welcome
4:40 – 4:50 – CityU
4:50 – 5:00 – HKUST
5:00 – 5:10 – HK Poly
5:10 – 5:20 – CUHK
5:20 – 5:30 – SCAD
5:30 – 5:40 – HKBU
5:40 – 5:50 – Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland
5:50 – 6:30 – Students/Parents visit booths
6:30 – End of event

6th October 2016

School Counselling

School can be both rewarding and challenging for students. At times social, emotional, and/or behavioural issues may affect students’ performance in school.

As a school that caters to students’ welfare, psychological services are available for students at no additional costs. These services are provided at school by KELY Support Group ( www.kely.org ) through the Growing Up with KELY programme. This not only provides one-on-one and group counselling to any student in need, but also provides a comprehensive set of workshops incorporated into PSHE classes from all years, covering personal well-being, sexual education and drug and alcohol awareness education at crucial points during your child’s development.

As part of this service, a school-wide youth questionnaire will be completed by all secondary students. If necessary, a one-on-one follow-up will be offered to students by psychologist/counselling trainees in school, and a letter will be sent to parents/guardians if we believe your student could benefit from continued follow-up at school.

It is important to note that ongoing individual counselling sessions are by referral only and with the consent of parents. If you have questions regarding this service provided, or wish to speak to the psychology trainee regarding your child, please contact Ms. Maisie Chan.

3rd October 2016

Hong Kong International School Festival

September 24 was a huge day for us at Korean International School. This was the day we took over and ran a booth at the International Schools Festival. We expected the event to be quite interesting but in fact the result was nothing short of astounding and mind-blowing. Some highlights:
  • Number of school’s booths increased from 40 to 69 (+73%)
    • KIS received nearly 300 written enquiries
  • Number of attendees grown by 3,000+ to 4,330+ (+44%)
    • We distributed all of our 200 brochures
  • First ever Hong Kong International Schools Leadership
Breakfast was hosted, with more than sixty senior leaders attending the event including our own Maisie Chan and Glenda Khoo
  • We had a cast of 12 teachers and 12 students
It was good to see our school participating in this event we did ourselves proud. It was a great marketing exercise, but more importantly it showed Hong Kong the quality of our young people/students and our teachers.
So many parents/visitors commented to me about how; enthusiastic, helpful, confident, competent and communicative our Y12/13 students were on the subject of their school. They really all were amazing and awesome! They conveyed to many parents the strengths of our school in many languages not just English, at times I heard them extolling our virtues in Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin!

So too I might add were the members of staff who volunteered their time on the Saturday to support me and the school. They too were amazing and awesome! Many parents commented to me about how; honest, enthusiastic, helpful, knowledgeable, confident, competent and communicative my staff were on the subject of their school. It was also seen by many staff as an eye opener about how education in HK is marketed; so a useful exercise for the future; we did however run out of marketing materials such as brochures and yearbooks but they all still worked on; but boy were we tired at the end!

Together student and teacher dealt with wave after wave of interested families who were asking many questions and yearning for information about our school.

Also my thanks to the office staff and Patti for all their input and help especially when we thought our boxes had disappeared. Patti you were a life saver. Jenny in the school office was wonderful.

To the Board; the event would not have been possible without your support. You openly supported the initiative thank you.

Next month, SCMP will be providing all participating schools with a post-event report, to access further information about the event and to see the true scope of the event report on Education Post, and a 360-degrees video of the Festival.

To you our parents and your Board of Governors; Thank you once again for your continuous support, patience and commitment as together we are moving KIS forward to make us become a ‘school of choice’ in Hong Kong and to establish a place in the International schools’ ecosystem ’the cradle of excellence and innovation’.

Once again a great big THANK YOU to all the Y12/13 students, the teachers and office and admin staff. Please let me state for the record how proud and pleased I was about our school’s enthusiastic response to this event… we came… we saw… we conquered. Now for the follow up

Thank you

C. Chadwick
Principal – International Section

Dear Parents,

As part of our ‘International mindedness’ we are encouraging families to share their special days with all the school. These are days which are important culturally /specifically/ for a group of our school community /families that may be different to others e.g; Diwali/Thanks giving/Sinterklaus/ UN day/Christmas /Martin Luther King day/ Boys day/New year/Easter

This year, KIS will be celebrating Diwali on Friday, 4th November. As part of this special celebration, we will be holding an Internal Assembly on Diwali. The assembly will include a costume parade, poetry and a special dance presentation performed by the staff. All staff and students are encouraged to dress up in traditional Indian attire on that day , so do send your child to school in colourful Indian costumes if they are available. To top off the celebrations, we have also made special arrangements for the canteen to have special Indian food during lunch time. Please check the lunch menu for 4th November for more details.

We look forward to celebrating Diwali with your children.

Thank you,
The Diwali Committee
( Indian Teachers of KIS )