Security and Safety Policy – International Section

It is the aim of every school to have an effective security system in place for students, staff, parents and visitors. Please note the following procedures that we believe will:
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for our students and staff
  • Establish procedures that effectively monitor and manage visitors, whilst not compromising the welcoming and open nature of the school.
1. Security Badges:
  • These will be worn by the staff at KIS. They will help to clearly identify the staff for students, parents and visitors.

2. Daily Procedures:
  • The earliest students can be dropped off is 7:45 am. Once the students have entered the school, they will NOT be permitted to leave the school premises until the end of the school day (without permission from the Principal). All students should be in school by 8:30 am.
  • All primary students will line up with their teachers and be escorted to class.
    (If it is raining, parents and caregivers are asked to take their child to the green area where the students will line up as usual).
  • Secondary students must be in their homeroom classes by 8:15
  • Any student arriving after 8:30 am must get a late slip from the General Office before going to class. The Reception and Year 1 students will be taken to their classrooms by members of the office staff.
  • The front gate will be locked after 8:30 am.
  • If parents have something to pass to their child, it can be handed in at the General Office and it will be delivered for them.

3. Lunch Time:
  • Please note that students are NOT allowed to go out of school for lunch.
  • Parents or caregivers who bring lunches from home, should place them in the box provided in the Canteen. The staff will then make sure each child gets the correct lunch.
  • Please make sure the student’s name and class are clearly marked on the lunch box/bag.
  • Parents and caregivers are asked not to stay in school to wait for the lunch boxes. Each student will be responsible for taking it home. The homeroom teachers will help them to remember.

4. Early Leave:
  • Parents must inform the homeroom teacher by letter or telephone if their child needs to leave school early. Students must then have a signed permission slip from the Principal. This applies to all students.

5. School Dismissal:

Students being collected by parents:
  • Parents or caregivers collecting students are asked to wait just inside the school gate from 2:50pm (3:50pm on Wednesday).
  • The students (Reception to Y4) will line up with their teachers and be dismissed from the line.
  • If it is raining, parents and caregivers are asked to meet the students in the green area.
  • Students are not permitted to play in the school grounds after 4:30pm unless supervised by a teacher. Please note the school nurse is not on duty after this time.
School Bus:
  • Parents must inform the bus company and the homeroom teacher of any changes to the bus arrangements (such as, if their child is not taking the school bus).

6. Frequent Visitors:
  • ECA Teachers (Non KIS staff) – These teachers will be issued with a pass. They will be instructed to wear the pass whenever they are working in KIS.

7. General Visitors:
  • The security guard will record the visitors’ information and issue a ‘Visitor Badge” accordingly.
Thank you for attention in these matters. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact me at lthomson@kis.edu.hk


Lynne Thomson
Principal-International Section