Weather Information

When severe weather is in effect, please listen to the radio or watch the television for the latest details in regard to the weather warning issued by the Hong Kong Observatory and the school closure announcements made by the Hong Kong Education and Manpower Bureau (Tel: 2891-0088).

In the event of school closure or early dismissal due to severe weather, KIS will make the appropriate announcement on this website within a reasonable time.

The information that you read here is general. Please click here to refer to more detailed information that is relevant to the International Section if necessary.

Typhoon Warning Signal

Typhoon Signal 1
School will operate as normal.
Typhoon Signal 3
School will operate as normal unless advised otherwise. When typhoon signal 3 is hoisted, if students are at school, all students will remain at school and will be dismissed when conditions are safe.
Typhoon Signal 8
In the event of a typhoon signal 8 hoisted before school, all students should remain at home for the day. If the typhoon signal 8 is hoisted while school is in session, then those going home by bus usually will be dismissed as soon as the buses become available and conditions are safe. If the students are collected from school, please ensure that they are picked as soon as possible.

Rainstorm Warning Signal

Amber Rain Signal
Parents should listen to radio or television announcements on weather, road, and traffic conditions. Please do not send your child to school if it is not safe.
Red or Black Rain Signal
If the signal is issued before 6:15am, all classes for the day will be suspended, all students should remain at home for the day. If the signal is issued when the students have already set out for school, students should normally proceed to the school unless road or traffic conditions are unsafe. There will be no normal classes. Students arriving at school should remain there until it is safe for them to return home. Staff will be at school. If the signal is issued when school is already in session, students will remain in school until conditions are safe for them to return home.