Lunch Information

Enrolment 01 – 30 December 2022

Lunch Menu: Dec        Lunch Enrollment Form  

Lunch Order: Korean Section (KS) 1st to 16th December 2022 (total 12 meal days)
Lunch Order: International Section (IS) 1st to 19th December 2022 (total 13 meal days)

💥 19th Dec with no lunch for KS Students, End of Term.
💥 20th Dec with No lunch for IS Students as by Half day school & End of Term
💥 Kindergarten to Years 4, SBP    $35 per meal including appetizer and Seasonal vegetables
      Year 5 or above and SBS    $39 per meal including appetizer and Seasonal vegetables

Please fill in the pre order form and submit only ONE time with your preferred lunch dates marked on.
👉🏼 Ordering Deadline :16:00, 18th November 2022 (Friday)💥

  1. Please calculate: Your number of meals X $35 for Kindergarten to Year 4, SBP or
    (Example for Dec : 12 meals: 12 X $35 = $420)
    Your number of meals X $39 for Year 5 or above, SBS
    (Example for Dec : 13 meals: 13 X $39 = $507)
    * Please submit your order form one time on before the deadline 18th November (Friday).
  2. For cheque payment, please make your Cheque Payable to "Compass Group Hong Kong Limited".
    Kindly write down your Student Full name, Grade and your contact number on the back of the cheque.
    * Please ensure the cheque is properly dated and signed before the cut-off date and no post-dated cheques accepted.
    * Please submit your payment to the School Office cheque box on or before 25th November 2022 (Friday). Lunch will not be available to your child should you fail to submit your cheque on or before 25th November 2022.
  3. For PPS payment, please make payment by phone or internet. PPS Merchant Code :9737. Merchant Name : Compass Group Hong Kong Ltd. Your PPS Bill Account 0802022 +Create your own four digit number and send back the Sixth Digit Payment No. for our reference.
  4. Lunch cancel policy only refer to school Sick leave Record with medical certificate. Please sent an email on 9:30 am and it can be refund by credit in the next month.
  5. No cancellation and refund upon confirmation of order.
  6. Please complete one separate form for one child.
  7. Once the enrolment form is submitted, we will not accept any meal choice change.
You will receive your meal choice by email. Thank you.
If parents have any enquiry, you can reach out to Joyce Lo by e-mail at :