Korean International School started out in 1988 with establishment of Korean School, officially recognized and supported by Ministry of Education of Republic of Korea to provide continuing education based on Korean curriculum for Korean students in HK.

In order to meet increasing demand, the Korean community represented by Korean Residents’ Association of HK together with the then Korean Consul General, approached HK government to grant a permanent facility, the success of which saw construction at Sai Wan Ho campus starting in 1992 with Korean International School being established in 1993. First classes moved in in 1994.

Mar. 1, 1988 Korean School established with a license issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea.
Apr. 11, 1988 School was opened in Po Fu Lam containing 5 classes (Total students: 49).
The inauguration of the first principal: Mr. Han-Ju Son.
Feb. 14, 1990 First graduation ceremony comprising of 4 graduates.
Mar. 4, 1990 New campus established in Wan Chai.
Sept. 3, 1990 Establishment of the Korean Branch (Korean Center), comprising of one class of Grade 1.
Aug. 15, 1992 Celebration of the commencement of the construction of a new campus at Sai Wan Ho.
Feb. 17, 1993 Permission was granted by the Hong Kong government for the establishment of the Korean International School.
Feb. 25, 1994 Celebration of the completion of Korean International School campus at Sai Wan Ho.
Sept. 1, 1994 Establishment of the kindergarten (LG 1) under the Korean stream program.
Establishment of the English stream program comprising of 18 students from 14 different nations.
Sept. 8, 1994 Permission was granted by Republic of Korea for the establishment of middle and high school sections.
Mar. 1, 1995 Commencement of 2 classes in the Middle - High School Sections.
Jan.24, 1997 Permission was granted by The Republic of Korea to establish the Secondary School.
Mar. 1, 1997 Commencement of Secondary School in the Korean section.
Feb. 17, 2000 First graduation ceremony for 1999 Secondary School.
Eleventh graduation ceremony for 1999 Primary School.
Fourth graduation ceremony for 1999 Middle- High School.
Fifth graduation ceremony for 1999 Kindergarten.
Jun. 19, 2002 Commencement of the construction of an extension on the school's infrastructure.
Oct. 9, 2012 Congelation Ceremony of Construction of new block extension.