KIS Community

Korean International school is an international community of learners who respect the diversity of experiences and perspectives we each possess. Here, we strive to create an environment that fosters a passion for learning, which enables all students to Discover. Dream and grow under our mission statement of Find passion Foster vision Encourage action.

Korean International school has exceptional teachers and staff who provide wonderful classroom programmes, which are engaging and fun for students. They are thoroughly professional and dedicate to their students. Korean International school; a diverse student body underscores the importance of international mindedness and the shared spirit of respect that is a tenant of OUR guiding statements. We welcome students from across the Hong Kong community and are proud to help each and every student achieve his or her very best. In addition to the robust and comprehensive UK curriculum, which includes now specialist courses in the performing arts and PE/sports from RC-y13,.Leadership/sports and outdoor activities play a major part in the lives of all the students at KIS.

Sports are provided not only through a comprehensive and highly competitive programme, but also through very strong affiliations with local sports clubs. Likewise co-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to explore new interests across a wide range of areas.

The school’s location also provides a strong sense of community for students and staff alike; it is an ideal choice for many families. It is a self-contained residential area with its own bus service ,MTR and ferries to town Its relaxed atmosphere lends itself to a more leisurely pace of Hong Kong living. It is one of the few places in Hong Kong where children can walk, cycle or skate to school.

The many ways in which KIS supports learning and prepares students for later life are too numerous to list, but I believe you will get a sense of our school community through this website and by reading our NEWSLETTER. I encourage you to find out more about KIS our staff, curriculum and the opportunities provided to our students.

City Nature Challenge This Weekend: Fight for HK!

If you are out enjoying some nature this weekend, or just live on Lantau, help out HK in the City Nature Challenge that will be going on worldwide while you're at it!

All you need to do is download the free iNaturlaist App (available on Android and IOS) and snaps a photo of the free growing wildlife and vegetation you come across during your adventures. You can take a pic while you don't have cellular data and the data you collect will be uploaded when you return to civilization. If you want to go full on eco-nerd, you can help to identify the species of what you posted also! It's quick and easy.

The objective of the competition is to gather more observations and species identifications than other cities around the world. The data we collect is utilized by geographers, ecologists, the city government, and Glenda! During the inter-school nature challenge earlier in the year, the students helped to discover a number of new invasive species to HK.

The Year 7,8, and 9 will be fighting for #TeamHK on Monday. The competition begins today and lasts through midnight on Monday.