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An Overview of External Tests and Examinations in the International Section
The Korean International School requires all students to enter external tests produced by Cambridge University at the end of Year 6, Year 9 and examinations in Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13.

Parents should take note that students are required to write these tests and examination and parents must pay the fees involved. The fees cover the cost of the tests and the supervision required.

Cambridge International Primary Programme:
(CIPP Tests): Year 6

Students complete the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint external test in English, Mathematics and Science. These are tests that cover all of the work that students have done in Years 4, 5 and 6.

Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme:
Cambridge Secondary 1:
Checkpoint Tests: Year 9

Students complete the Cambridge Checkpoint external tests in English, Mathematics and Science. Like the CIPP tests the Checkpoint tests are a measure of what students have learned in the period Year 7 to Year 9.

Cambridge Upper Secondary Programme:
Cambridge Secondary 2:
IGCSE: Year 11

This is a two year course and students sit external examinations in their selected subjects in Year 11. These examinations are used by the school and universities to determine future programmes of study that the student may select.

The following subjects that are offered for study in Year 10 and Year 11:

English – First Language or English – Second Language
Mathematics – Extended or Core
Humanities – Geography, Global Perspectives, Sociology, Economics
Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Languages – First Language Chinese, Chinese as a Second Language, Mandarin Chinese
Creative and Professional – Enterprise, Computer Science, Art and Design, Media Studies (offered through AQA)

The ICE certificate is a group award and students who pass each subject will receive a certificate for the subject and those who pass seven subjects will receive the group certificate.

Cambridge Advanced:
Cambridge International AS & A Levels

In Years 12 & 13, the students follow the Cambridge International AS and A2 Level Courses. These are studied in two parts. In Year 12, students complete up to four subjects at the Cambridge International AS Level. In the following year, students in Year 13 select three of these subjects to complete the Cambridge International A2 Level.

The subjects are:
English (offered through AQA)
Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Humanities – Psychology, Geography (offered through AQA)
Creative and Professional – Business, Art & Design, Media Studies
Languages - Chinese