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KIS Chinese (Mandarin) Programme
Learning Chinese is considered as one of the major steps to help non-Chinese speaking students integrate into society, continue further studies and start their career in Hong Kong. Through an all-rounded Chinese Language learning, we are dedicated to developing students’ competency in Chinese Language as well as an understanding and appreciation towards Chinese culture.

KIS provides students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds the opportunity to learn Chinese at appropriate levels. Students from Reception to Year 10 are assigned into four different groups based on their family linguistic backgrounds and initial Chinese abilities. Language classes are set by ability and are taught from Reception to Year 10 with careful differentiation within each year group.

From the beginning of the academic year 2017-2018, both Traditional Chinese Characters (TCC) and Simplified Chinese Characters (SCC) will be used for reading. Students studying Chinese as their first language (Group 1 and 2 ) will start using TCC, and those studying Chinese as a foreign language (Group 3 and 4) will continue using SCC.

Our Chinese language department conducts our teaching in a dynamic way. They use a wide range of teaching methodologies and interactive resources, promoting an engaging learning environment for our students. A variety of curriculum-based activities are also adopted in class to ensure that Chinese is delivered through a systemic and consistent curriculum. In addition to Chinese language lessons, we also expose our students to Chinese culture and celebrate different Chinese festivals.

The contents of our teaching materials were all revised. Enhancements were made to include videos, sound effects and input of Chinese characters accordingly to the needs of our students. Lesson activities are now made to link to the Internet, so that learning may become more interesting and motivating. Our Chinese programme includes the study of phonetics, vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammar, and discourse. To make learning more interesting, multimedia becomes an essential part of the programme. Interesting topics like personal identity, family life, school life, shopping, education, and leisure are used.

Our older students can access the learning materials with their cromebooks/ tablet / during class and at home. Parents are also encouraged to access the learning platform with their children, so that they can develop a closer relationship with their children as well as adapting to the local Hong Kong society.

Assessment is an integral part of learning and teaching. Various assessment methods are applied to assess students’ learning performance throughout the learning process for feedback and improvement purpose. In addition, diversified international assessments are offered to meet the needs of different students including International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

There will be ongoing assessments throughout the year, students might be recommended to move to another group based on their ability level in the middle or at the end of the year. Year 11 students have three IGCSE Chinese examinations options – They can apply to take Chinese as First Language, Second Language or as a Foreign Language. Further studies are also available at Year 12 , students have the option to take Chinese studies at AS level.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the Chinese study in the International Section at KIS.

Ms. Haze Yeung
Chinese Coordinator
Korean International School – International Section