Curriculum | Faculty Music

In KIS, Children are taught music once a week from Reception to Year nine and SBP/SBS. The emphasis is on learning through enjoyment. The programme is a balance of listening, performing and composing and aims to develop a firm grasp of the concepts of music: Rhythm, Pitch, Harmony and Dynamics.

The music studio is well equipped with many percussion instruments, including a full set of Orff tuned percussion and music-related games all recently purchased with a donation from the IPTA. The recorder is introduced in Year Three and the ukulele is introduced in Year 5. In Year One students are invited to join the Music Extra Curricular Activities: Instrumental/Ensemble/Choir.

Performance opportunities are given to all children in the form of class assemblies/concerts/assembly/class performances/talent shows/Christmas Concert and End of Year Concert.

Marvin Shum
Music coordinator