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Charity Projects
Helping others, especially those less fortunate or in times of great need is something that the students and staff in the International Section of the Korean International School view as extremely important. The concept of ‘giving’ plays an important role school-wide, and links strongly with our shared core values of vision, passion and action. We actively fundraise and undertake awareness campaigns throughout the year for a variety of regionally based and international charities. In the 2016-17 academic year, KIS has supported various charities including LAP, UNICEF and Operation Santa Claus. Box of hope has always been an exciting opportunity for our students and we again look forward to participating in this fantastic charity. We plan to continue supporting many more over the coming months.

We also value the concept of ‘Community service’ and actively develop a High School trip every year in which student leaders travel to remote communities and undertake local problems with local solutions. In previous years, groups have travelled to rural Chinese villages in the Yangshuo area to work with primary school students and promote inter-school links and community ties. We will do that again this year. We have also visited Nepal and built a local community centre.

This year our students will visit Cambodia and lend their support to a local village. We have raised over $6000 for this cause but our time and effort provided will also be invaluable.

We are committed to raising money for those less privileged.