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Evan in Action
February 13, 2018

Evan has been playing rugby for 3 years. Last year, he got a 2016 ~ 2017 MIP (Most Improved Player) Award from Hong Kong Football Club Rugby Team U13.

This year he is playing for U14 Team. He goes to the Club training every Thursday and Sunday.

In November 2017, he was selected by Hong Kong Rugby Union as U14 Team NAG (National Age Grade) Training Programme and goes to training every Monday and Wednesday.

This year, his first match was played for Island Lions U14 Team in NYD (New Year's Day) Youth Tournament 2018.

Now he has been putting his greatest effort into every training in order to get into 2018 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens U14 boys team which will be held on 6~8 April at the HK Stadium. And the selection will be going to be held on mid of March. Good luck to him.

Flauta Gen Randolph, The next BMW Designer 2017
November 14, 2017

Our student Flauta Gen Randolph joined the “The next BMW Designer 2017” car design competition and entered the finals. The BMW and Sing Tao Daily invited our principal, teachers and students representatives to attend their award ceremony.

Congratulations Gen!

Oswin's baseball journey
November 14, 2017

Thank you. As said, please find the letter from HKBA for your further action. I will complete the form and return to Oswin.

It is a long way to success. It's only a story and I am happy to share about Oswin's baseball journey with you. He started playing baseball (T-ball) at 5 years old. He joined the Hong Kong Baseball Association training program for a year and then joined Tsuen Wan Baseball Club. At that time, he learned the basic skills. The coaches were tough and highly focused on fitness training. At that young age, they have to run as much as 10+ laps of 600m. Also, at that time they learn how to work as a team. Sadly, the Club was not able to recruit new players. Therefore, most of our players joined other Club. Oswin joined Shatin Baseball Club at around 8 years old. It is one of the local baseball club with long history in Hong Kong. He played various positions including pitcher, catcher, short stop, second and third base. Since then, he joined Little League Baseball every year starting from Minors, then Majars, and now become the second year in Junior Team. He is the catcher this year and last year.

Oswin left Hong Kong and continued his study in Melbourne, Australia when he was Grade 4. He didn't give up playing baseball. We joined the local baseball clubs and played their Summer and Winter Little League Baseball. He returned to Hong Kong when he was grade 6. He enrolled into Korean International School and at the same time returned to Shatin Baseball Club. He likes baseball so much that he even practice throwing and catching the ball against the wall at home. Over these years, he has been awarded the best batter and the most valuable player. In 2016, he was selected to the Asia-Pacific Tournament Major League Baseball represent Hong Kong. He got his first homerun in the game with China. In 2017, he was selected to the Asia-Pacific Tournament Junior League Baseball represent Hong Kong again. This year, he was also selected to participate the BFA U15 Baseball Championship representing Hong Kong to play games in Japan in Nov 2017.

The baseball League season is coming soon. Oswin is practicing hard with his teammates to get ready for their first game.

Should you need further information, please let me know.


Jasper Thong, HK's international racing prodigy
September 24, 2017

Jasper Thong is a born adrenaline junkie.
Photo: Ian Mar

One of the best drivers in Hong Kong, 17-year-old racing prodigy Jasper Thong, is still too young to get his driving licence.

“Everyone I race with is around 20 or older,” explained Jasper. “I’m the only one who they call ‘underage’. I’ve never driven a car on the road so to actually win races in a professional racecar is pretty unbelievable.”

He made his professional racing debut last year at the 2016 Audi R8 LMS Cup at 16, making him the youngest driver in the cup’s history. While competing with older drivers was intimidating at first, he is now confident he can race anybody.

The sport was probably a natural fit for Jasper, who has been an adrenaline junkie from a very young age.

“I have always been in love with speed – I loved rollercoasters as a kid and I enjoyed sprinting,” he said. “I just love the competitive nature of racing. I might be friends with someone, but we won’t be friends on the racing track. I will battle you and do whatever it takes to win.”

That attitude seems to be paying off: he won his first pro race at the TCR Asia Series in March racing a brand new car, the Audi RS3 LMS. Not only was it his first win, it was also the first win in the car’s history.

Jasper Thong is a racer, but he doesn't even have a drivers licence yet.
Photo: Ian Mar

Racing runs in the Thong family: like Jasper, his older brother Shaun is an official driver and ambassador for Audi Hong Kong.

It was their dad who introduced the brothers to motorsports. “My dad has always been a car enthusiast, and he would always take me and my brother to car shows and garages,” said Jasper. “Then one day, he took us to the Macau Grand Prix. We’ve been in love with racing ever since.”

The former Korean International School student said that although he has learned a lot from Shaun, 21, there is definitely a sense of competition between the brothers.

“We always want to get ahead of each other,” said Jasper. “There have been times where we have raced in the same car in the same race, and even though we represent the same team, we always try to beat each other.

“And the thing is – whenever we race against each other – our lap times always improve.”

As confident and as competitive as Jasper is, he is humble enough to recognise he still has work to do to achieve the same success as his brother.

“I have to admit, he’s still better than me right now – he’s got more developed racing skills, and [more] experience. But I think that just comes with time. The more I drive, the better I will get.”

And despite the rivalry, and the fact that they no longer live or train together, there is still plenty of love between the siblings.

Racing runs in the Thong family
Photo: Ian Mar

“I am very glad that I have a brother like him,” said Jasper. “We are very supportive of each other. When I won my first race, he was so happy for me. And whenever he races, I make sure I watch live streams or go to the track and support him. I’m always so proud of him when he wins.”

Like Shaun did before him, Jasper will go to Britain for university, while continuing his racing training. He will fly back to Asia periodically so that he can continue racing competitively.

“I will be going to Coventry University to study business in January,” he said. “Training will be a lot easier [there], because the racing industry is much more mature. There are racetracks everywhere, more advanced simulators, and better coaches.”

After his studies, Jasper hopes to return to Hong Kong to continue his career and help continue the growth of motor sport in the city.

“The racing scene in Asia is already getting competitive, but it’s still no where close to [what it’s like in] Europe,” said Jasper. “I just want to be part of the racing industry and help it grow, anyway that I can.”

Article from: SCMP Young Post